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Resume Writing Tips


Writing your great resume does not mean you need to follow the rules and guidelines you've heard through the grapevine. For example, a resume can be more than one page in length and it does not have to follow a specific format. Every resume, including yours, is a one-of-a-kind marketing tool. It should address your individual situation specifically and do exactly what you want it to do. With a little extra effort, you can create a resume that will attract the interest of prospective employers and get you noticed over others for that job you are seeking.

The Resume Purpose
There is only one reason to write a resume and that is to be granted an interview for a job. As stated above, the resume is a marketing tool. Nothing more - nothing less. With employers and recruiters often receiving 100's of resume per open job, you must use your resume to sell yourself and your experience. You want the employer to look at your resume and see an asset to their company, not simply a job applicant.

Don't Break the Cardinal Rules
  • Content: Never include fictitious information (education, job history, salary, etc.) since that is grounds for a job offer withdrawal or new job termination.
  • Spelling: Always check your spelling. Employers many times discard resumes with spelling errors. Have a friend or friends read your resume for clarity, poor grammar, etc.
  • Fonts: Select a standard font (arial, courier, verdana) in size 10 - 12. Do not use subscript, italics, underlining, shading, graphics or vertical or horizontal lines. This keeps the resume clean looking, plus allows the employer's scanning software to easily save your resume for future searching.
Contact Information
  • Name: Full name please and avoid funny nicknames
  • Address: If your current address is not permanent, use someone's who is permanent. (family member, friend)
  • Email: For privacy's sake you may want a get a Hotmail or Yahoo address. Using your work email address can be risky, plus having a Hotmail type address will allow employers and recruiters to find you many months or years down the road. Also make sure to use a professional sounding email.
  • Phone: Give employers every chance to reach you, meaning home, cell and even work if that is appropriate for your situation. Be sure to have your voice mail professional also.
  • Note: NEVER EVER put your social security number on a resume.
Objective or Experience Summary
  • Objective: Keep it short, concise and on target for the specific job. Summary: May be longer, but stay on target to the job you are after.
  • Note: Use an objective or summary, BUT do not use both.
  • Have a Degree(s): If yes, put it below your summary or objective. List highest degree first (MBA, BS, etc) and work down.
  • GPA: If you had a B average or above include along with your degree.
  • Certificates /Trade School: If important to your industry and jobs, then include.
  • Some College Only: Reference at end of resume (If working on degree include that also).
  • Note: Lying about degree's is major cause of dismissal.
Work Experience
  • Employer Name: If you are still employed and your employer does not know of your job search, you may want to conceal the employer name ("Confidential" or Major Aerospace Company).
  • Employment Dates: List dates of employment, preferably across from employer name on the right side. If you have gaps in your employment you should try explaining where you were during this time.
  • Title: Titles can be very ambiguous since many employers have different names for the same job. If need be reflect the true job title behind the actual title. Example: Technician I (Network Administrator).
  • Job Experience: Here is where you sell your skills and yourself to the employer. Explain your accomplishments in the job. How and what did you do to make yourself an asset to this employer. Make yourself shine and standout. Don't embellish your skills, but also don't be modest. Remember, you are selling yourself. Make it a good sell.
  • Job Experience Format: As stated earlier there is not a perfect way to format a resume, however listing your job experience and accomplishment can look and read very great buy using bullets. Keep your statements on target and to the point.
  • Do not include reference names on the resume at this time. Simply add "References available on request" at the bottom of the resume.

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