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Contact: Wils Bell
President / Security Headhunter / Security Recruiter
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Candidate FAQ

How long have you been recruiting?
Wils Bell (President) opened his own search firm in 1990 performing IT Search and early INFOSEC searches. As Information Security & Risk became more prevalent within organizations the move to Security searches began to surpass IT searches. The company was eventually re-branded, Inc. to more closely describe our area of expertise.

What type of security talent do you recruit?
We recruit mid, senior and executive level Security talent within all skill sets. We work heavily in Information Security, however we can and do recruit talent within the areas of Physical Security, Corporate Security and Converged Security.

Do you work areas besides Security?
Not really, but on occasion a client needs help recruiting an IT professional and since we understand IT very well, (time permitting) we fill these positions.

Are candidates responsible for the placement fee.
Absolutely not! We're not a staffing agency who charges the candidate a fee for services. All positions we represent to you are 100% fee paid by the employer. They are paying us for locating you and your experience.

Do you accept unsolicited resumes from Security professionals?
Yes we do. The first place we look when we have a security search is in our database. We don't subscribe to the national job boards, so it's good to see resumes from security professionals come to us directly for confidential review against current or future jobs. You can email or create a confidential profile on our site or even call.

I sent you a resume, but never got a call.
Unfortunately we receive several resumes daily and can not possibly call each person back. We do respond to your email (generally in a day or two) letting you know it was received. If you don't get an email resend it please. If you're experience looks like a match for an open position we will reach out to you, otherwise we save your resume to our database for future searches.

Why are you asking that I rewrite my resume for a specific position?
If you're like most people, if you added all your skills and accomplishment to your resume it would be to long. Once we have discussed the job with you, then it is time to focus those skills and experiences you have that pertain to the job in more detail on your resume. We do not want you to embellish anything, but rather focus on the job and your experiences.

If my resume is a match to a job do you send it to your client?
Under NO circumstances do we ever submit your resume to an open search without first interviewing you thoroughly and receiving your permission to present. We're professional recruiters, not a resume house!

Do you post jobs on Job Boards?
No. We do enter jobs on a couple security based web sites and blogs, but we do not post directly to job boards. Apparently though there are services that crawl the web, including our site and blog, and capture jobs and repost to job boards. We occasionally get calls on jobs posted 1-2 years ago that are still out there. Simply check our site often or subscribe to our blog since we try to cross post.

Do you have a web presence?
Yes. Besides our site, we write a Blog and are on Twitter virtually every day posting Security Breaches. We are also on Linkedin. Feel free to follow our blog and twitter posts AND connecting on Linkedin is always a great idea. I always accept invitations from Security professionals.

Do you place hourly consultants as well as full time hires?
Yes. Providing clients with consulting services is part of our business. We welcome all consultants to forward a resume and hourly rate estimates.

You called or emailed me about a job. How did you find me?
It could be any number of ways. If you were ever published, are in Google, on social sites (Linkedin, Plaxo, Twitter, Facebook, etc.), in a business directory or a friend may have "confidentially" referred you. The only place for sure we did not get your contact was from a Job Board database.

You called me or emailed my work?
Once again, since we direct recruit many times we don't have a way to find a home contact. We must call or email you at work. We're very careful to make sure our email or voicemail indicates we have not spoken before and this is a cold call. This ensures that we don't compromise you in any way.

Do you offer referral fees for candidate leads?
Yes. Over the years many of the candidates we place come through referrals. As such we have decided to pay referral fees. You won't get rich, but it's "found" money. If you refer a candidate to us (that we don't have) for a particular position and we place them in that job or in another job within 2 years, we will pay you a finder's fee. Fee will be between $250 and $500 depending on several factors. Of course we must get paid by the client and the referral must stay through the guarantee.

Do you pay a referral fee for an open job lead?
Again, yes we do. If you refer us to an open security job at your company and we are able to fill the job, we will pay you a $500 finder's fee. As before, we must be paid by the employer for the placement and the candidate remain through the guarantee.

What traits make a good candidate and recruiter relationship?
For a solid and productive relationship to be built, there has to be honesty, open lines of communications; doing what each says they'll do and being flexible. A relationship built on these traits will be a lasting one.

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